Baptism Flight

Fligth in helicópter over Buenos Aires!

Make your first helicopter flight a unique and incomparable experience to share with friends or family. Go flying in a helicopter with Fly Aero Blue!

More than flying in helicopter!

Are you looking to live a unique experience? Do you want to get out of the routine? If all the previous answers were “YES” then this is the ride for you!

Departing from the San Fernando International Airport, the 18-minute flight will take you to the rowers channel, the lujan river, the tiger field, the coast park, a small section of the delta and other attractions located in the north of the city!

Undoubtedly one of the best excursions from Buenos Aires that you can take, the baptism flight by helicopter begins leaving the San Fernando International Airport.

The pilot will receive them, who after a small safety demonstration will give them a few minutes to take some photos and then place them inside the helicopter to start the experience.

After taking off, the 15-minute baptism flight is enough to travel in an incredible photographic and panoramic flight through the rowers channel, the Luján River, a small section of the delta and the private neighborhoods of the north of the city with its impressive artificial lagoons!

Finally, you return to the San Fernando International Airport to land again where you can take a photo with the helicopter after the experience.

Enjoy the exclusive views that only a Baptism helicopter flight can offer! An ideal leisurely ride to experience the baptism flight by helicopter for the first time.

Tour Price

Your first helicopter flight!
-25% OFF
USD 281 USD 376
price for 1 passenger

2 passengers: USD 282
3 passengers: USD 283
  • Duration: 18 minutes of flight
  • Route: Zona norte, Rio Lujan. Barrios privados.
  • Departure: Aeropuerto San Fernando
  • Requirements: ID or Passport
  • Free parking
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All our flights depart from the San Fernando International Airport (Route 202 and Balcarce, B1646 San Fernando, Province of Buenos Aires). The meeting point is the bar of the same.

Passengers must present themselves with a photographic document that proves their identity (DNI or Passport).

It is recommended to be 15 minutes before the flight to be able to make the previous preparations before taking off.

Yes, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.