Night Flight

Helicopter night Tour!

The possibility of seeing the night sky in Buenos Aires from a helicopter is a privilege that you cannot miss!

Helicopter flight at Night

If you’re one of those that always want “a little more”, that enjoys living the full experience with all its possibilities and shapes, this flight is FOR YOU! 

In Aeroblue, we take the flights to the next level. We always go beyond what’s expected. We are the first Company  in offering the possibility to flight the famous “Blue Hour”. That breathless moment when the sun hides behind the horizon, reveling a unique and beautiful view. We take off when the first city light start to light up the sky, discovering once again, a New and wondrous night in Buenos Aires.  The possibility to watch Buenos Aires at night, while flying in a helicopter is a privilege that you can’t miss. 

We take off from San Fernando Airport right to the North, to fly over the “Camino de Los remeros” and the Shopping mall “Remeros Plaza” where you will perceive the stunning and colorful towers from the private neighborhood “Marinas Golf”. Once we leave the towers behind, the pilot  will drive you to “Bahia de Nordelta” known for the numerous beautiful shops and unique restaurants. You’re going to fly over the different private neighborhoods, the lakes and so much more! 

You’re going to overpass the cross between the “ramal Campana” and “ramal Tigre”, flying over the Highway and watching the vivid lights from the different cars circulating. Appreciating the real Hustle and Bustle from the scandalous city of Buenos Aires but, from another perspective.

For a few minutes you’re going to feel relief for not being in the middle of the city traffic! Believe us, it’s waaay better to flight over everyone than being stuck between so many vehicles. Once we cross the San Fernando’s Airport edge (the pilot will let you know when is the exact moment to take a picture from the luminous landing track) you’re going to turn left and fly over the limit between San Isidro and San Fernando, until getting to Rio Lujan over the Rio de la Plata. You’re going to observe Tigre’s Football court and the famous Sans Souci Palace. At that point you’re going to fly over the Rio Lujan once again appreciating the unique contrast between Delta and The city. You’re going to be totally amazed by the contrast between the city lights and the poetic night Sky from Delta with its random timid lights from some island houses. 

While We are getting to the end of the flight, you’re going to perceive the puerto de Frutos, Parque de la Costa, Tigre museum until getting once again to the Marina Golf Towers. From there, enter the Airport, overflying the Canal de Los remeros until the cross with the route 197.The lights from the San Fernando landing track and the Hangars are going to appear in front of your eyes and the pilot will do the final movements to end with a majestic and smooth landing.

Tour Price

Fly in a helicopter through Buenos Aires at Night!
-25% OFF
$USD 371 $USD 494
price for 1 passenger

2 passengers: $372 USD
3 passengers: $373 USD
  • Duration: 22 minutes of total flight
  • Route: San Fernando, Tigre, private neighborhoods in northern zone, Pacheco, El Talar, Panamericana, San Isidro.
  • Departure: Aeropuerto San Fernando
  • Free parking
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All our flights depart from the San Fernando International Airport (Route 202 and Balcarce, B1646 San Fernando, Province of Buenos Aires). The meeting point is the bar of the same.

Passengers must present themselves with a photographic document that proves their identity (DNI or Passport).

It is recommended to be 15 minutes before the flight to be able to make the previous preparations before taking off.

Yes, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.