Visit to the Isla Martín

Martin Garcia Island helicópter!

Learn about the exciting history of the Island where former President Juan Domingo Perón was imprisoned!

Isla Martín García Tour in helicopter!

Just 25 minutes by flight from the San Fernando International Airport, located on the confluence of the Uruguay River with the Rio de la Plata is the famous “Isla Martin García”.

Since 1998, it has been declared a Natural Reserve of multiple use because it houses a large number of tree species and animals in danger of extinction.

Either because they are nature lovers, or they are looking for a different adventure tourism excursion in Buenos Aires, this experience will undoubtedly leave them more than satisfied!

A perfect combination of adventure, history, nature and gastronomic excellence. Tour this picturesque island enjoying a delicious lunch in the oldest restaurant on the island!

Take walks along trails surrounded by native flora and fauna, visit different historical attractions such as the remains of the Prison where Argentine presidents were detained: Hipólito Yrigoyen (1930), Juan Domingo Perón (1945) and Arturo Frondizi (1962) or the only cemetery with slanted crosses, which led to countless versions.

In addition to these historical attractions, the island has a general store, an open-air labyrinth, a bakery that today works with its wood-fired oven, which makes the sweet bread there unmatched!

All this and much more added to the exclusive views that only a helicopter flight can offer. And in just 50 minutes between roundtrip!

If you are a lover of nature and history, it is without a doubt the ideal experience for you!

Tour Price

Fly by Helicopter to Martín García Island
-25% OFF
USD 947 USD 1.264
price for 1 passenger

2 passengers: USD 948
3 passengers: USD 949
  • Duration: 50 minutes of flight
  • Stay time: 2 hours
  • Route: Isla Martín García, Isla Oyarvide, Rio Lujan, Rio Parana, Delta del tigre y Barrios zona norte.
  • Departure: Aeropuerto San Fernando
  • Free parking
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